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vboa34qcw4w-seth-doyleA couple of weeks ago my husband had asked me to pick his truck up from the repair shop while he was at work.  After I paid for the repairs on the truck, I decided to take it through the car wash to get it clean then had the oil changed before I brought it back home.  

That evening when he arrived home and noticed the extra things I had done my husband thanked me and said, “You’re such a Proverbs thirty-fun woman!”  Noticing his slip of the tongue and knowing he had meant to say “Proverbs thirty-one”, we both had a good laugh.

“I LIKE being called a Proverbs thirty-fun woman!” was my reply.  In fact, I not only wanted to be CALLED one, I want to BE one!  Yes, I want all of those other virtues listed in the 31st chapter of Proverbs to be evident in my life:  dependability, industriousness, a keen business sense, generosity, wisdom and benevolence.  But I also want to be FUN!

“You’re such a Proverbs thirty-fun woman!”

That quality is, in fact, part of the description of a virtuous woman.  Look at verse 25 of that chapter:  “She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.”  This describes a woman who doesn’t take herself (or anyone else) too seriously.  It also reflects a perspective on life that is eternal.  She only concerns herself with the things that are truly important and can shake the rest off.  And because she puts her trust in the God who made her, she faces the future without fear and anxiety.  This is a woman who can look with a positive perspective at the days ahead.

I want to be that woman!

Our pastor gives some great advice to singles who are hoping to marry someday.  One of the things he says is to BE A HAPPY PERSON!  His statement that “No one goes around looking for the unhappiest person they can find to marry” always brings a laugh.  But it’s true.  Happy people are attractive people and FUN people are almost irresistible.  

My husband says that one of the things that initially attracted him to me was that I was the happiest person he had ever met.  In the four decades since then we have experienced the bitter taste of death, of financial setbacks and of various stressors that have left us both void of smiles on our faces at times.  But along the way we have also had a lot of fun.

This is a woman who can look with a positive perspective at the days ahead.

I’m remembering us as a young, financially strapped married couple who showed up in Vail, Colorado with powder blue matching ski bibs purchased at a bargain basement store, his a men’s XL and mine a boy’s size 12.  When we shared a ski lift with a woman wearing a mink jacket and her husband who was equally as toned, tanned and terrific looking as she was we could only laugh at our pathetic selves.  Nonetheless, we had FUN!

Then there was the time on a twelve hour flight when the zipper on my jeans had jammed and I couldn’t get them off to go to the bathroom.  The only thing I could think to do was take my husband into the bathroom with me so he could literally rip them off me.  The ruckus we created in that cramped space embarrassed both us and several of the passengers but that story has become part of the collection of fun memories we share.

I want to be a fun wife.  A fun grandmother.  A fun neighbor.  A fun friend.  A Proverbs Thirty-fun woman who can laugh at life’s mishaps and at all the possible pitfalls down the road ahead.

We’re only given a one-way ticket through this tunnel to eternity.  Why not make it the best, most interesting and joyful trip we can?  I love the words of Proverbs 15:15, “For the despondent, every day brings trouble; for the happy heart, life is a continual feast.”  Living with a fun person provides a smorgasboard of delights.  BEING a fun person puts a spicy flavor in the most ordinary day.

We’re only given a one-way ticket through this tunnel to eternity.  Why not make it the best, most interesting and joyful trip we can?

I have been blessed with an abundance of fun friends in my lifetime.  Those friendships make life richer, more pleasant and more bearable when times are hard.  Years ago one of my friends was pregnant with her third child.  Barely five feet tall and normally a petite little package, she was struggling with a third trimester body that had taken on the shape of a tethered blimp.  Someone in our group had suggested throwing her a birthday party where we ALL showed up with pregnant bellies.  When she arrived at the restaurant, a dozen of us were there waiting with what appeared to be varying stages of pregnancy.  She laughed so hard I thought she might go into labor that very day!

I have a picture in one of my albums of me and that same friend sitting in the hospital bed together after I had delivered MY third baby.   We’re holding to go coffee cups and spread out on the bed is a variety of desserts from my favorite eatery.  A simple hospital visit had turned into a party with the magic of her fun personality.

Around that same time another friend learned that she would need to have a premature hysterectomy.  They would later add to their “only child family” through adoption but knew this would be the end of her ability to bear children.  Rather than dwell on her loss and its sadness, she decided to inject some fun into the situation.

A week before the surgery, she went to a local print shop and had business cards made that read “Herschel Manowitz, Attorney at Law, Specializing in Medical Malpractice” then added a fake address and phone number to the card just to make it look real.  After undressing in pre-op she taped the card to her belly, put on her hospital gown and let them wheel her away.

You can imagine the shock on the surgical team’s faces when they removed her gown!  At first they read the card with confusion and a little concern.  Then  realizing it was a joke, they began to laugh hysterically.  Even serious situations are sometimes made more palatable when a little fun is added to the atmosphere.

The Pout-Pout Fish is one of my grandchildren’s favorite books.  In it Mr. Fish, who always wears a frown, believes he’s destined to be glum and to spread the “dreary wearies all over the place”.  All of his fish friends and the other sea creatures encourage him to smile and be happy but the Pout-Pout Fish claims this is just the way he is.  “BLUB, BLUB, B-L-U-B”, I read in a low and dreary tone (that part always makes them laugh!).

Even serious situations are sometimes made more palatable when a little fun is added to the atmosphere.

But then a fun, shimmery silver fish swims by and kisses the Pout-Pout fish instantly turning his frown upside down and he realizes that his big protruding lips were not made for pouting.  They were made for kissing!  So the story ends with the Pout-Pout fish becoming a Kiss-Kiss fish bringing joy to all those under the sea.

Sometimes the best life lessons are found in children’s books, aren’t they?  And sometimes the best thought of the day comes from a simple slip of the tongue. . . like Proverbs Thirty-fun!