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5895672523_2e8ce56485_oI love the interesting observations that form in a child’s mind!  On an outing with my six-year-old grandson we happened to pass one of the city’s oldest cemeteries.  Large stone markers sat at the top of each gravesite, covering the entire area.

“Mimi, are those God charms?” Owen asked, pointing to the field of decaying but beautiful old gravestones.  As I followed his gaze it took me a moment to realize that many of the monuments were shaped like the “tablets” inscribed with the Ten Commandments that hang from a charm bracelet.  I had worn one as a child and could easily understand the visual reference.

“Well yes, Owen, in a way I suppose they are,” I replied.  I thought of the scripture that says,

“Beautiful in the eyes of the Lord is the death of His saints”.

I envisioned God cherishing the beauty of each soul He collected to Himself and how each was treasured in a unique way.

I also thought of the special charm bracelets my sister and I wear.  We’ve dubbed them our “sissy bracelets” because each token represents a trip, a memory, a celebration or a loss we have shared.  They are a visual reminder of the loving bond between the two of us and we value them for that reason.

How perfect that God would have a bracelet with charms engraved with the names of the ones He loves and the dates of the time they had visited Earth together.  The thought made me smile.

I proceeded to explain to Owen that those were not the Ten Commandments but  were referred to as headstones because they sat at the head of the grave and that each one told the name of the person buried there, the dates of his birth and death and any other information the family chose to include.  I continued by telling him they were also called markers because they helped anyone wanting to visit or bring flowers to find the grave by marking the site.  He nodded his head with new understanding.

A new awareness had also been awakened in me that day.   I realized how precious we all are to our Creator and what gladness His heart must feel when we are reunited with Him.  Now when I pass a cemetery, I picture a Heavenly Father embracing His children when they come home, surrounding Himself with those who are His prized jewels.  Thank you, Owen, for reminding me that indeed, we are all God’s charms.